**Please note - payment timings**

Once you authorises a payment it will go into the next payment run.

Payment runs are made at 10.30am and 3.30pm, only on banking days, with the money getting to the grafter within 2.5 hours (e.g. 1pm or 7pm).

If you wish the money to get to the grafter the same day please ensure you make the payment before 3.30pm. Otherwise it will go into the next banking day's payment run.

For example - a payment after 3.30pm on Friday afternoon will go into Monday's 10.30am payment run and may not get to the grafter before 1pm on Monday.

Payment Schedule

As part of the work agreement, the platform provides a payment schedule which provides guidance on when the worker will be paid for each job.

  • For shorter jobs it should be the end of the job, with a single payment.
  • For longer jobs it should be each Friday with the final payment on the last day
  • You can only pay the worker once a week for each contract.

Payments will be processed twice a day at 10.30am and 3.30pm on banking days and should be in the Grafters bank account within 2.5 hours (1pm and 7pm).

To make a payment

  1. Return to the job in 'My Jobs', find the relevant job and worker.
  2. Click the 'Pay' button for the worker that needs to be paid.
  3. Enter the number of days and hours the grafter has worked in the previous period. Note - you cannot pay fractions of hours or less than 4 hours.
  4. The payment (based on the rate agreed and time entered) is paid to the grafter within a few hours.

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