Avoid cash in hand and potential disagreement -  pay easily and securely online when the work has been done. The grafter get's their money within a day and we have their bank details to track them if a problem!

***Please Note - Payment Timings***

Once you authorises a payment it will go into the next payment run.

Payment runs are made at 10.30am and 3.30pm only on banking days, with the money getting to the grafter within 2.5 hours (e.g. 1pm or 7pm).

If you wish the money to get to the grafter the same day please ensure you make the payment before 3.30pm. Otherwise it will go into the next banking day's payment run.

For example - Any payment after 3.30pm on Friday afternoon will not get to the grafter until Monday lunchtime.

Getting ready to pay

As a client you need to set-up a payment card when you offer a grafter a job for the first time.

This confirms you are prepared and ready to pay for the work before it goes ahead to give the grafter some assurance. You will not be charged anything at this point.

When to pay the grafter

As part of the work agreement, the platform provides a payment schedule which helps to set-out when the worker should be paid for the job.

This is based on a weekly payment on Friday and a final payment at the end of the job. For shorter jobs it will just be the end of the job, with a single payment.

The payment schedule is provided as a guide for when you should pay the grafter (and when they will expect payment). However you only pay for actual time worked by entering days and hours worked in the previous period.

So for example, if the grafter is off for a day, or starts a day later. You can just enter 1 day less when you pay them and you will only pay for the actual time worked.

Making a payment

*Note - you cannot pay for fractions of hours or for less than 4 hours.

To make a payment do the following

  1. Return to the job page in 'My Jobs'
  2. Find the relevant job and grafter
  3. Click the 'PAY NOW' button for the worker
  4. Enter the number of days and hours the grafter has worked
  5. The payment (based on the rate and time entered) is paid to the grafter

The money goes straight to the worker within a working day not to GrafterNow. It is a bit like using Paypal to pay someone!

Closing a job and reviewing a grafter

If you wish to finish the job click 'END CONTRACT' you will be asked if you need to make any final payments. Then you can review the grafter and the job will be closed.

Platform Fee

Separate to the workers payment, you will be charged a small platform fee of 10% + vat payable to GrafterNow for use of the platform.

This covers all fees including the hiring fees, the payment transaction and all other costs. For more information see our Platform Fees section.

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