Grafter is only only, so if you are looking for work you have to follow these steps...

Start by creating an account login with email and password so the system remembers you when you come back. Then there are then 5 simple steps for using Grafter to find work:

1. Set-up your profile

You will need to set-up a profile to promote yourself to potential employers. Make your profile look as good as you can to get the most offers of work. It takes about 5 minutes to register. Click here to get started:

To get the most job opportunities you should complete your profile to be as open as you can to options (travel distance, type of work etc). The more details you add the better your profile looks and the more work you get!

This will mean you get discovered by businesses more often - you can always decline the opportunity later if it is not right for you!

Note: For security, do not publish your email or phone number in your profile. Communications should be initiated using the chat facility, where you can decide if you would like to share contact details with someone. Any contact details will be removed from profiles.

2. Respond Available

When an employer posts a new job that matches your locations and other requirements, you will be sent an email notifying you of the opportunity.

The work will also appear in 'My Jobs', you can view the details and apply for it if you wish. Be quick or the job may get filled before you have responded!

You have two options:

  1. 'Apply' - to say you are available and interested in the job. But don't worry, you are not committed to the job at this stage but would like to be considered for the job
  2. 'Decline' the job - this job doesn't suit you. It will be deleted from 'My Jobs' and no further action is required

In order to respond available and be considered for work you will need to submit ID and tax documents on your 'My Account' page. This is required for money laundering and tax compliance reasons. More information about this can be found here

3. Agree Work Offer

After you respond 'Available', the employer may select you for the job (or decline if they don't need you). They should make a formal Work Offer based on the details you have already seen.

You must accept the Work Offer in your dashboard to be booked for the job. This which then creates a contractual agreement between you and the employer for the job. This gives you the assurance that the employer is legally committing to pay for the work.

If you have not already done so, you will need to add your bank account details to the system so you can get paid. Your bank details are stored by our specialist payment partner Paybase so you can be assured they are protected by their secure payment system.

At this point, the Grafter service sends you another email with all the job details and what was agreed, so you will have them to hand when starting the job.

Next, you should then turn up on time and complete the work to a high standard so you get a good star rating. This will help you find more work in the future. If you don't show up or perform badly you may be removed from Grafter.

4. Get Paid

On completion of the job, the employer can use Grafter to make a payment into your bank account via our payments partner. The system pays you immediately once the client authorises payments. If payment is delayed check the client has authorised it.

The payment system also gives you the ability to track your payments and to make sure you get paid everything you are owed. This could provide useful evidence should there be a payment dispute between you and the employer or even with the taxman.

More information on finding work and getting paid with Grafter...

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