Why do we need this information?

In order for Grafter, and our payment partner MangoPay, to comply with Money laundering procedures we need to collect some key financial and identity information from you.

This is done in order to complete the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) verification required for anti-money laundering procedures.

In addition, for us to be able to pay CIS registered workers effectively, we need your National Insurance Number (NIN).

When is this required?

In order to make sure the grafter is able to work through the platform, and for us to have their documents in place ready for verification, we ask the grafter to submit the necessary documents before they can ACCEPT a job offer.

When a grafter is OFFERED and ACCEPTS a job we submit their documents for KYC verification. This may take 1-2 working days to process, but in the majority of cases should be in place ready for their account to be live and ready to process payments before the client pays them.

If the KYC process has not completed before the grafter is due to be paid, the client will be asked by customer support to hold-off paying until the grafter account set-up is complete.

Which documents are required?

We require the following documents for grafters depending on their Tax and CIS status.

  1. Not registered as a sole trader or self-employed with HMRC - Proof of ID only with passport or drivers licence.
  2. Registered as a sole trader or self-employed with HMRC (non CIS) - ID and UTR.
  3. Registered as per point 2 but also CIS registered - ID Document, UTR and NIN.

Format of documents

ID documents - Select your identity document type (Driving Licence or Passport) and then upload a photo of your passport. or photos of both sides of your UK Driver’s Licence. If you don’t have either you can apply for a passport or a provisional driving licence.

UTR - Please upload a screenshot from the HMRC website showing you are registered. Your name and 10 digit Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) must be clearly shown.

NIN - Please provide your NIN (National Insurance Number). This is 2 letters, 6 digits and 1 letter.

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