As part of the service Gratfer provides an online payment service. This is a safe and secure way to pay people avoiding handling large amounts of cash. It also makes sure you get an invoice for the work.

Note: You can only use the payment service if you have already booked the work on Grafter, by clicking 'MAKE OFFER' and the worker 'Accepts' the job.

When to pay the grafter

For more information on when to pay people see the article here.

Making a payment

Note - you cannot pay for fractions of hours or for less than 4 hours.

The process to make a payment is as follows:

  1. Return to the job page in 'My Jobs' and find the relevant job and worker

  2. Click 'PAY NOW' for an interim payment or 'END CONTRACT' if the final payment

  3. Enter the number of days and hours the grafter has worked

  4. You can choose either online bank transfer or direct payment (see below).

Automatic Bank transfer:

To use online banking to pay the worker

  1. You will be taken to your online banking website or app to authorise the payment.

  2. Authorise the payment with your banking credentials on your banks app/website.

  3. Afterwards you will be returned to Gratfer to continue using the service.

  4. Invoices will be issued and the payment recorded in the system.

For more information on our bank transfer payments see Bank Transfer Payments article.

Direct payment:

This is if you wish to pay the worker directly yourself.

  1. The website will show you the details you need to pay the worker.

  2. You must pay the worker yourself, e.g. from your bank, cash, or however you like.

  3. Click the button on Grafter to confirm payment complete.

  4. Invoices will be issued and the payment recorded in the system.

Note: the money goes straight from your account to the worker, not to GrafterNow.

Closing a job and reviewing a grafter

If you wish to finish the job click 'END CONTRACT' you will be asked if you need to make any final payments. Then you can review the grafter and the job will be closed.

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