Grafter provides a very simple and cost effective way to find, book and pay temporary staff. Follow these 6 simple steps to use the service effectively:

1. Set-up a job

To set-up a new job you enter a few basic details. This should only take a few minutes. You can start the process here:

Make sure you 'sell' the job to the grafters with the best information about the job. This will mean you get the best selection of grafters to choose from. Offering a good day rate is also key to getting a good response, we recommend over £100.

You can always update details later if they change by clicking EDIT in the job menu.

2. View grafter profiles

As grafters reply to confirm they are available for your job, they will be added to the list of potential grafters for a job in the 'My Jobs' section.

If you don't get the people you need, try running the search again with more information, or a higher pay rate to make the job more appealing to more grafters.

3. Using Chat

You can view their profiles (click on their name to see a full profile) and contact them through the CHAT service, to discuss details and make sure they are the right people for the job.

If you find someone you like, you can pay (or use a Credit) to get their contact details. You now have the option to use the platform to book, manage and pay the worker securely at no extra cost.

The rest of this article is if you choose to use the platform to manage people...

4. Book a grafter

When you have found the right grafter for the job, you can 'MAKE OFFER' to offer them the work. This will give you a chance to update the job details that will go into the contract if you have agreed anything different with the grafter.

Once offered, the grafter will receive the job offer in their dashboard. If they ACCEPT the offer they are now formally booked for the job.

5. Complete the work

The work can now be undertaken safe in the knowledge that both sides have agreed to the terms in the standard Work Agreement and that all details are recorded for future reference.

You are also committing to use the Grafter platform to give you, and the grafter, the additional support and security this provides. Including help with the legal and financial elements of hiring grafters.

6. Pay the grafter

As part of the job details there will be a payment schedule which is a guide to when payments should be made. This is based on weekly payments for longer jobs with a final payment on the last day. For shorter jobs it will just be a payment on the last day.

When a payment is due, return to the grafter on your job page and click the 'PAY NOW' button. Enter the hours worked by the grafter for the previous period and then authorise the payment.

There are 3 ways you can choose to pay the worker:

  1. by online bank transfer (using Open banking) - you need your online banking login information to authorise the payment with your banking app or website.

  2. by paying a 'Direct Payment' from your own bank account using their website or app. Don't forget to come back and confirm the worker has been paid to get invoices and complete the process.

  3. By 'Delegate Payment' this is where you delegate the payment to someone else to pay, for example the accounts team.

Note - you cannot pay for less than 4 hours which is the minimum supported.

7. Close the Contract

The END CONTRACT button allows you to make a final payment, review the grafter and closes the job.

Reviewing the grafter is important as it rewards hard workers as it helps them find more work. It also helps to keep the grafters keen on your job, as they know you will have the opportunity to review them later.

Additional Information

All grafters on the service have signed up as self-employed. They are therefore responsible for managing their own tax affairs.

You will receive an invoice for your payment to the worker. These can be found in the 'My Payments' section.

Any questions we will be happy to help, just click the blue button on the bottom right of the screen...

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