Grafter provides a very simple and cost effective way to find, book and pay temporary staff.   To set-up a new job you will need to enter a few basic details. This should only take a few minutes. 

1. Start Search

You can start the process here: on the website, or if you are already in the app from your dashboard. 

  • Select Type of Work: Select the type of work which best describes your job, to help us match it with Grafters skills.
  • Select Location: This is the postcode for the location of the job. If the work is out and about, the location should be where the grafter needs to start and finish the job.

Then click 'Continue' and you will be taken into the app to complete the details. 

2. Complete Details
In the app enter a few more details about the job to help describe it to the Grafters. The better the description the more likely you will get the right people responding!

Make sure you 'sell' the job to the grafters with the best information about the job. This will mean you get the best response and therefore the best selection of grafters to choose from. Offering a good day rate is also key to getting a good response!

3. Hire People
You should now have a choice of Grafters to hire within an hour or two! Pick the best person and use the Grafter app to help you manage the work securely and safely.

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