In order to make sure Grafter is used fairly, and to protect our business, GrafterNow has a strict policy to suspend or remove users that don't adhere to the Platform Terms and Conditions.

The use of the Grafter platform is provided at the discretion of GrafterNow Ltd. Access to the platform may be withdrawn or suspended at the sole discretion of the business with immediate effect if a user is deemed to be breaking the rules for using the service.

In particular, users who take work without being booked and being payed through Grafter, or who don't complete jobs they have been booked on, will have their accounts suspended and ultimately closed.

The following is an outline of our policy for suspension or closure of accounts:

One month account suspension

  • Users who repeatedly send out, or request, contact information, and do not use the Grafter platform to organise work.
  • Users believed to be taking work from the platform and not using the platform to be booked or paid for the work.
  • Users who cancel 3 contracts in a row, or
  • Users who have cancelled 3 out of the last 5 contracts.

Three month account suspension

  • Grafters failing to attend a job without informing the client on the platform (e.g. using Grafter chat) before the start time of the job.

Account Permanently Closed

  • On the 3rd breach of any of the points above a user's account will be permanently closed.
  • Rude, abusive and aggressive language or behaviour towards another platform user or member of Grafter's staff.

Indefinite Suspension

  • Any accusation of theft, illegal activity or other wrong doing by a client or other 3rd party from using the Grafter platform, or in the delivery of work booked through the platform.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact us on

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