The Grafter Platform is designed to provide, manage and pay self-employed workers for short-term work. It is not designed to help find people for longer-term work, permanent jobs or to be paid directly by the client (payroll or otherwise).

However, taking someone on and paying them through Grafter initially is a great way to try someone out before you commit to a permanent or longer-term engagement.

Our recommendation is to hire people with Grafter for 30 days as a trial. Then if you like them you can hire and pay them directly yourself with no further fees.

In the case where a client wishes to pay a Grafter directly, or on their own payroll, GrafterNow will, at its own discretion, charge the Client a 'Finders Fee' of £300, or equivalent to the Platform Fee for a 30 day engagement minus any fees already paid, whichever the greater.

Finder Fees are non-refundable should the engagement not be successful after leaving the Grafter platform.

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