There are 3 ways to register with grafter:

  1. You can apply for a job in our Latest Jobs section. You will then have to register and set-up a profile as a Grafter to sent to the client for the job
  2. You can set-up a new job from our Hire Grafters page. You will be asked to register as part of the process of posting a job
  3. You can decide to register here. You will be asked if you would like to join as a grafter or client. As a grafter you will be asked to complete your profile as part of the registration. As a client you can have a look around then decide to set-up a job when you are ready.

When you register you will be asked for basic details so we can contact you and you can login again. These are. 

  1. Your Name - so we know who you are when we contact you
  2. Your email address. It will be used to communicate with you as well as using it as your username. 
  3. Password – The password you would like to use to access the service. You will need to enter this twice to make sure you get it right!

When you register we will send you an email with a link to click to make sure you have used the correct email address. Your registration will not be complete until you have done this. If you have problems verifying your email see our article.
By registering with Grafter you have to confirm agreement with the standard terms and conditions of using the Platform and our standard marketing terms.

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