If you've tried your username and password but can't login then try these steps:

  1. Confirm you verified your email - When you registered,  you should have clicked on a link in the email we send you to complete registration. Check your email inbox and click on the link if you have not already done so. You will then be able to login.
  2. No verification email - If you did not receive an email with the verification code, check your junk or spam folder it may be in there. If not then you may have registered with the wrong email address. In which case register again and make sure you use the right email address! If this still doesn't work contact us through the help pop-up.
  3. I forgot my username - this will be your email address that you registered with (or since changed). Check to see which email we have been sending you emails to. That will be it!
  4. I forgot my password - you can reset your password by following this link: Change Password

That should have fixed it but if not message us with the help pop-up bottom right of the screen...

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