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If the client has not made a payment to you read on...

When people don't get paid

All of the incidents of workers not being paid so far,  have been when they have not booked the job on Grafter. 

If a client asks to pay cash be wary that you will not have the added protection Grafter provides to make sure you get paid. We will not be able to help if they don't pay you.

Payment delay caused by the client

After the work is complete the client will use the Grafter system to pay you. How quickly you get paid depends on how quickly the client goes online and makes the payment.

We ask the client to pay workers straight after the job, so you will get paid the same day, or for longer jobs each Friday. Some clients may take a day or two to make the payment, depending on how busy they are.

If you don't get paid quickly, you may want to send the client a message asking them when they will be making the payment.

After the client has made the payment please allow a working day for the payment to be processed and reach your account before you contact us.

What if they refuse to pay you?

By using Grafter you have an online agreement and all the chat messages to prove what was agreed for the job and pay.

However, if the client doesn't pay you, for example they dispute the work was done, this is a civil matter between client and grafter. 

Although we will try to help resolve any dispute, GrafterNow (the platform owner) is not part of the agreement between Client and Grafter. It is not liable for any dispute between client and Grafter or for any money owed.

Non payment claims should be dealt with in the usual way, with the police or the courts. GrafterNow will provide support to help where we can, such as by providing evidence of the engagement and job on the platform.

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