Here are a few potential issues you may experience in the workplace with suggestions on how to deal with them:

My client was unprofessional

It’s possible that some employers or grafters don't conduct themselves in the way that you expect of them – please ensure that you rate the grafter accordingly

The work didn't match the description

If you feel you have been misled about the work required you can decide not to complete it. However the client will be under no obligation to pay you for work not undertaken. We recommend you discuss any issues with the client and try to resolve them, it may be the client can resolve the issues.

Reporting a serious incident 

The first call for any serious incident is the police. However, please also contact us here regarding any unacceptable behaviour so we can see if there is anything that can be done to prevent it happening again.

Profile deletion for bad conduct

To ensure that the highest standard of grafters is maintained on the Platform, Grafter retains the right to delete the profile of both grafters or employers if we believe their conduct is unacceptable.

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