Reviews are an important part of the Grafter service.

  • Providing a review helps to keep the grafters keen during the job
  • You can reward good grafter with a good review and help them find more work
  • Reviews help other employers find the best people for their jobs
  • The ratings and review system helps develop a profile of the grafter

Only if you use the platform to manage and pay for jobs, can you provide star ratings and written review to incentivise the grafter to do a good job.

It’s important to provide feedback on jobs to help develop better profiles of grafters and employers for other users. You will benefit from this too!

Ratings are built-up over time and the rating published through Grafter is the average received from all jobs. 5 stars is good and no stars is bad!

Only an aggregated Star Rating is shown but individual written Reviews can be seen, so choose your words carefully!

If you have any issue regarding any rating or comment that you believe is unjustified, unfair or untrue please Contact Us here

Whilst we reserve the right to amend a rating or review it is only done in extreme circumstances.

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