'My Jobs' is the main screen where you can access and manage all your current jobs. You can also view old jobs in the 'History' tab to keep a record of past jobs you have done.

My Jobs shows all your jobs with the following statuses. These are the 

  1. New Opportunity - a client has posted a job that matches your profile. If you are interested then 'Apply'. Your details will be sent to the client and you will be able to chat to the client to find out more about the job. Your status will become 'Available'.
  2. Available – You have said that you are available for the work. The next step is for the employer to Offer you the work. The employer may also withdraw the work at this stage if the work is not going ahead or they don’t need you.
  3. Offered – You have been offered the work by the employer. You now need to 'Accept' the work if you want it to go ahead or 'Decline' it if you can no longer want the work. If you accept you will be booked for the work and the client has committed to pay you through Grafter, which helps to make sure you get paid
  4. Accepted – You have accepted the work offer and are ready to start the job. The work will stay in this status throughout the job, until the employer has made payment and closed the job.
  5. Paid and Closed – This job is now complete and closed. The client has paid you. If this was just for the 1st phase of work then he may offer you a new job for the next phase and the process starts again!

Unfortunately there are two statuses you may see when you are not going to get the job:

  1. Withdraw – The employer has withdrawn the work. You can delete the project from your dashboard
  2. Cancelled – The employer cancelled the project. You can delete the project from your dashboard
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