'My Jobs' is the main screen where you can access and manage all your jobs.

There are 2 tabs:

  1. LIVE JOBS - all you current jobs
  2. ARCHIVED - all your historic jobs

Use LIVE JOBS to manage all your current work including checking grafter availability, message them, agreeing a contract with them, paying them and reviewing them after the job is complete.

Job Menu

At the top of each job section is a menu, denoted by three dots. Click this to complete an action for the whole job, such as:

  • Pause / Resume applications - if you have enough people applying you can pause the applications. Resume if you need more applicants.
  • Edit job - if you wish to change any of the details for the job. Note, you can change details for individual grafters (such as job timings, rate etc) when you agree a contract with them. This will appear in the grafters own section of the job.
  • Cancel job - if you wish to cancel the job and not go ahead with any of the grafters who in the job process.
  • Archive job - once you have finished with the job you can move it to ARCHIVE to keep a focus on your other LIVE jobs

Stages of a grafter engagement

My Jobs shows all your job and grafters with the following statuses:

  1. Applied – grafters in your area who are applying for the job. The next step is to offer the preferred grafters the work
  2. Offered – you have offered the work to the grafter, you’re waiting to hear back if they accept the work offer
  3. Rejected - you rejected this grafter, but if you change your mind you can view their details and restore them to the job
  4. Hired BookedThe grafter has accepted the job and is ready to start work. Every Friday or at the end of the job you enter time worked to authorise a payment to them. Payment can be made multiple times until the grafter has finished the job. Then you can make a final payment and close the job
  5. Hired Completed – The gratfer's work on the job is now complete. You may have other people still engaged or you may want to close and archive the job.

Grafter Details

Each grafter engaged on your job will have their own section within the job. Here you can see a number of things:

  • An overview of their profile with details such as star rating and the amount of work completed on Grafter.
  • Click on the grafters name to view their full profile with skills, qualifications and experience. You can also see past reviews by clicking on their stars.
  • Click on the top bar to see more details about the grafter's engagement. Once booked this will show the specific work agreement for each grafter.
  • Action Buttons - Depending on the status of the grafter in the hiring process you will see different buttons and actions for you to hire, review, chat and pay the worker.
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