'My Jobs' is the main screen where you can access and manage all your jobs, including checking grafter availability, message them, agreeing a contract with them, putting in place insurance, paying them and reviewing them after the job is complete.

You can also view old jobs and past grafters in the history tab at the top. From here you can re-hire ('Duplicate') past grafters directly without having to do the full search process again.

My Jobs shows all your job with the following statuses:

  1. Available – grafters in your area who are applying for the job. The next step is to offer the preferred grafters the work
  2. Offered – you have offered the work to the grafter, you’re waiting to hear back if they accept the work offer
  3. AcceptedThe grafter has accepted the job and is ready to start work. Once the work is complete (or interim periods) you can make a payment from this stage. Payment can be made multiple times until you are ready to close the job
  4. Cancelled – The grafter cancelled the job after the job was offered to them
  5. Closed – The job is now complete and moved to your history
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