In order to use Grafter to find work, you will need to set-up a Profile / CV to promote yourself to potential employers and businesses. 

The three great things about  a Grafter profile is:

  1.  It is a very easy way to write a CV, using our online tool 
  2.  You can use it to apply for any job outside of Grafter (via print it or email)
  3. Grafter will automatically send you jobs in your area

It only takes 10 minutes to set-up a basic profile / CV and start receiving work offers. By entering:

  1. Your Name
  2. Type of work desired
  3. Home location & Travel distance
  4. A brief 'about me' paragraph (or more if you like)
  5. Select equipment and professional cards you have
  6. Add date of birth and contact information 

Then you can improve your profile over time to attract more work offers. Make your profile look as good as possible - clients are unlikely to offer work to someone who doesn't have a good profile. There will be other people that take time to develop a full profile who will be more likely to be offered the work than you if you don't!

The extra information you can add over time includes:

  1. A photo of yourself - clients are much more likely to hire someone with a photo!
  2. Your list of skills - select from a list 
  3. Any experience  - select from a list 
  4. Any qualifications - select from a list 
  5. Reviews from past employers - always helps to get work

To sign-up and start developing your Profile / CV click HERE

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