Grafter provides a very simple and cost effective way to find, book and pay temporary staff. Follow these 4 simple steps to use the service effectively:

1. Set-up a job

To set-up a new job you will need to enter a few basic details. This should only take a few minutes:

You can start the process here: on the website, or if you are already in the app from your dashboard.

1. Select Type of Work: Grafter provides the following work categories you can use in your search:

  • Building & Construction - such as labouring work on a building site
  • Gardening & Landscaping - Any outdoor work including gardening, landscaping etc
  • Driving & Warehouse - Any driving, delivery and jobs on the road
  • Industry & Business - Work in factories, light industry or warehouses
  • Leisure & Events - Any work at events, festivals, sports hospitality etc
  • Office & Admin - All other jobs including cleaning and retail

2. Select Location: This is the postcode for the location of the job. If the work is out and about, the location should be where the grafter needs to start and finish the job.

If you are on the website, click 'Continue' and you will be taken into the app to complete the process. Then enter...

3. 'Must Haves': any requirements which are essential for the job, such as a driving licence or a CSCS card

4. Start Date: The date you wish to start the work

5. Job Duration: The expected time that the grafter is required for the job. It is ok to estimate as you can pay the grafter for work completed at the end, or more regularly as agreed with them

6. Day Rate: How much you are offering to the grafter to complete the work. Remember the higher this is, the more chance of finding a grafter to do the work

7. Job Title: This is the title of the job that the grafters will see, and will be advertised online (we post it on Google for you) so make sure it describes the kind of person you are looking for and where (e.g. Labourer London, Gardener Taunton, Driver Edinburgh).

8. Job Description: Any additional information about the job. It is important to describe the job properly so the grafters know what to expect and whether is is right for them.

Make sure you 'sell' the job to the grafters with the best information about the job. This will mean you get the best response and therefore the best selection of grafters to choose from.

Offering a good day rate is also key to getting a good response!

When complete, you can review to make sure correct, edit or post the job. You can always update details later if they change.

2. Review and Hire a Grafter

View grafter profiles

As grafters reply to confirm they are available for your job, they will be added to the list of potential grafters for a job in the 'My Jobs' section.

You can view their profiles and contact them through the messaging service to discuss details and make sure they are the right people for the job.

If you don't get the people you need, try running the search again with more information, or a higher pay rate to make the job more appealing to more grafters.

Offer the Job to a Grafter

When you have found the right grafter for the job, you can offer them the work.

Before being able to make a work offer you will be required to enter your payment debit or credit card that will be stored securely by our payments partner, Paybase. This ensures you are ready and prepared to pay the grafter.

You can also select a work category for insurance purposes to benefit from our integrated Public Liability Insurance provided for grafters.

Once offered, the grafter will receive the job offer in their dashboard. If they accept this now forms a contract between you and the grafter.

The work can now be undertaken safe in the knowledge that both sides have agreed to the terms in the standard Work Agreement and that all details are recorded on the system for future reference.

You are also committing to use the Grafter platform to give you and the grafter the additional support and security this provides. Including help with the legal and financial elements of hiring grafters.

3. Pay and Close the Job

All grafters on the service have signed up as a self employed contractor. They are therefore responsible for managing their own tax affairs.

Once the work is complete enter the hours worked by the grafter and then authorise the payment with your password. Payment for the grafter will be taken from your payment card and paid into into their bank. Our recently launched payment partner Paybase (uses Faster Payments, so the Grafter should have the money in their accounts within a few hours.

When you pay the grafter on the platform you are charged a small Platform Fee - 10% of the Grafter's pay. This is paid as a separate transaction to GrafterNow Ltd. See Platform Fees for details. 

You will receive a combined receipt for both payments and a separate VAT invoice from GrafterNow Ltd for your financial records. These can be found in the 'My Account' section.

You can now review the grafter. This is important to reward hard workers as it helps them find more work. This also helps to keep the grafters keen on your job, as they know you will have the opportunity to review them later (as long as you are managing them using the platform).

5. Next Phase

To hire multiple grafters or to hire a grafter again

You can re-hire grafters straight from an existing job in the 'My Jobs' section. For example as another phase of the same job.

Find the job you wish to copy and click on the 'Duplicate' or 'Next Phase' button. This sets-up a new job with all the details fill out from the last project, including the same grafter if you wish.

You can also use this 'Duplicate' button to hire multiple grafters, with slight changes for each role if required.

More information on hiring and paying people with Grafter...

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