Once you have found the right person for your job you can use Grafter to manage the legal and financial side of the job. There are a several significant advantages to using Grafter to manage jobs:

1. Better Security - in case of any problems, the platform can identify grafters through their contact details, including the bank account. This make it easy to track them down if required. It may also prevent issues in the first place, as workers know they can be traced.

2. Reduce risk of conflict - when you use Grafter, conversations (on 'chat') and job details are documented. This includes the job spec and agreement. These records can help to resolve any conflicts that may arise later over what was agreed, including payment.

3. Easy cashless payment - avoid having to go to the bank and carry large amounts of cash around. The cashless payment system also helps avoid disagreement on the amount due to be paid after the job as everything has been agreed up-front.

4. Receipts and Invoices - the system provides you with digital invoices and receipts for the work which are essential for your accounting records and tax affairs.

5. Ensures workers perform - If you use Grafter to manage the job you will be able to write a review and provide a rating for the worker. This helps to ensure the worker turns up and does a good job to avoid getting a bad review. If a grafter does a good job you can reward them with a good review which will help them find more work. Alternatively you can warn other clients about bad workers.

6. Grafter support on hand to help - if you use the platform to help manage the job you will get the full support of our team to help with any problems you have using the service to manage the job.

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