Grafter includes a 'Chat' service so you can discuss and agree the work details with the employer safe and securely without having to give away your contact details.

Only the client can start a chat after a grafter has applied for a job. Once a job offer has been made either grafter or client can initiate a chat.

This helps you to make sure that the job is right for you and all work details, such as exactly where and when to meet and what to wear or bring, are agreed before the job starts.

It is ok to exchange contact details on the chat service and speak on the phone or email. However, the details of these offline discussions will not be documented, and are not available for the Grafter support team to view, in case help is required to resolving any future disagreement.

To avoid unsolicited nuisance messages, you can only have a messenger conversation with someone you are engaging for work through the platform.

To start a conversation with someone click the speech bubble next to their name in the job. You can return to the conversation in the 'chat' section at any time.

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