By using Grafternow to find work, you have committed to use GrafterNow's safe and secure payment system to be paid, for work. 

This secure online payment solution provided by our partner Paybase helps protect both worker and clients from disagreement or financial loss.

Getting Ready to be paid

When you are 'Offered' your first job you will be asked to add bank account details to your account, if you have not already done so. This is required before you can be booked for the job. 

Once you have added bank details, you are ready to be paid for any work done through Grafter.

The bank account details supplied is where money will be paid for the work, after the job is done. You need to make sure to get the details are 100% right, or you could lose the money. Any payments sent to the wrong account cannot be refunded or returned once sent, and would be lost.

**Neither Client or GrafterNow will be liable for losses incurred due to incorrect bank account details being registered.**

If you don't have a UK bank account you cannot currently use the Grafter service but we are looking to introduce new payments methods so please do come back in the future to see if we can help you.

Getting Paid

Once you have set-up a bank account and accepted a job, the client can use the system to pay you for the work. This will be done at the end of the job, or at the end of each phase of work (e.g. weekly) as agreed with the client.

The client makes a payment by entering the time worked / days to be paid. This is then multiplied by the day rate to calculate the payment required. Our payment partner then take the payment from the client's payment card and sends it to your bank account.

Once a client pays for a phase work and wishes to engage you for another phase, they need to 'duplicate' the job so that they can pay you again. This is like a new job -you will need to accept the job 'Offer' to get paid again.

Separately the client is charged a small platform fee. However, the grafter is not charged any fees and gets the full day-rate as shown in the job details.

Note: It is the clients decision and responsibility to pay the grafter for any work completed. In the same way they would if paying by any other way. While the GrafterNow team will try to help resolve any disagreements, they cannot make the clients pay and are not liable for any payments not made by the client.

Payment Confirmation & Invoices

Once the client makes the payment:

  • You will get an email confirming that the payment has been paid. 
  • The website will show the job as closed and paid (check the job archive tab if you can't see it inn 'My Jobs'.
  • You will be able to see the full transaction details in an invoice, from you to the client, on the 'Payment History' page.

Payment timings

The payment is a standard credit card transaction processed by our payments partner using Faster Payments and should arrive in your bank account within a few hours.

If it's not with you within a working day (to cover weekends) after being authorised by the client (check with them first) please do contact us here and we will investigate.

Problems getting paid

If you have a problem getting paid, please contact the employer in the first instance to see if there is a problem and check that they have authorised the payment.

Tax Responsibilities

As a grafter on the service you will have signed up as a self-employed contractor and therefore responsible for managing your own tax affairs.

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