In order to pay for running the service we charge the client a small platform fee. This small fee covers all of the costs and services on the Grafter platform, including:

  • Job posting fees (normally £60 - £100 on other job boards)

  • ID verification so you know the person you will pay is who they say they are

  • Services to help manage the job, e.g. job specification, reminder emails, chat

  • Legal and financial services to help you stay legitimate and compliant e.g. worker tax validation, online work contract and invoices from the worker and platform.

  • All 3rd party transaction costs including ID validation and payment processing

  • The opportunity to review the worker afterwards to make sure they do a good job

  • Access to our team to help with any problems.

If you use Grafter to find people, then you must return to the app after work is complete to enter the time worked and authorise the worker's payment. The platform fee payment is completed at the same time.

Platform Fees

Our fees are completely transparent, so you know exactly what the worker get's paid and how much we charge. This is unlike traditional temp agencies who hide their fees in combined high day rate, and can charge 50% or more.

Grafter platform fee is only 10% of the grafter's payment. We are VAT registered and have to add VAT to our 10% fee. VAT is not added to the workers fee.

So for example, if you pay a grafter £100, the total cost would be £112. The platform being £10 and VAT on the platform fee of £2.

When you use our payment system, the worker's Fee, is paid directly from your bank account to the grafter's bank account. The Platform Fee is paid as a separate transaction also from your bank directly to GrafterNow Ltd's bank account.


Grafters (ie the workers) are not VAT registered, however GrafterNow needs to charge you 20% VAT on our Platform Fees. The VAT number for GrafterNow Limited is 260 958 873.


After making a payment, a client has following receipts in the 'My Account' section of the app:

1. An invoice from the worker for their fee

2. An invoice from GrafterNow for the platform Fee

For any questions on fees please contact us on

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