In order to pay for running the service we charge the client/employer a small platform fee for using the platform to help manage the job. This includes use of the online platform, all the legal, financial and insurance services, as well as having our team on hand to help with any problems. This fee also covers all 3rd party transaction costs including the payment and insurance.


Our fees are completely transparent, so you know exactly what the worker get's paid and how much we charge. Unlike agencies who hide their fees in an overall higher day rate!

Grafter platform fee is only 10% (plus VAT) of the grafter fee.

So, for example, if you pay the grafter £100.00, the total cost would be £12.00 including the platform fee of £10 and the VAT of £2.00.

The ‘Grafter's Fee’, is paid directly from you to the grafter. The Platform fee (including VAT) is a separate transaction paid to GrafterNow Ltd. Both transactions are made at the same time.


Grafters (ie the workers) are not VAT registered, however GrafterNow needs to charge you 20% VAT on our Platform Fees. The VAT number for GrafterNow Limited is 260 958 873.


The platform have following receipts available in the 'My Account' section, along with all the records of your transactions. The invoices are:

1. A single invoice for both grafter and platform payments

2. A separate VAT invoice for the Commission paid to GrafterNow Limited

For any questions on fees please contact us on

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