One of the key benefits of the Grafter Platform is the online payment system. This integrated service means you don’t have to worry about having the right cash to hand or worry about being paid at the end of the job. Just easily make the payment with a click of a button. Our Payments solution means grafter's get paid within a working day, so no excuse for them to ask for cash!

Using the payment system avoids those awkward cash transactions moments where you feel uncomfortable handing over cash. It also avoids the possibility of workers or employers trying to re-negotiate the rate after the job has been completed or even mid-job.

As an employer, you pay directly in the Grafter service with your designated credit or debit card when the work is done, or at regular points during the job as you choose. Simple, secure and cash free.

All grafters on the service have signed up as a self employed contractor. They are therefore responsible for managing their own tax affairs. As part of running their own business they also deal with their own rights in respect of holiday and sick pay and no obligation is passed to the client. Where the engagement is for an extended period we recommend that the worker is employed by the employer who should then pay them under the PAYE system and grant them full employee rights.

Paying cash could lead to confusion about whether payments have being made or not as you have a legal obligation to pay under the Agreement in line with our T&Cs. Using the system keeps records of transactions to help avoid any potential conflict.

Using the system allows tracking of what is going on to make sure both employers and grafters are being charged and paid fairly for the work. The system keeps a record of the transaction and sends you receipts and invoices for your records.

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