Grafter (working with our payment partner (Paybase) provides the ideal payment solution for paying freelance, temporary, part-time, seasonal and contingent staff.

Or system uses Faster Payments, so the Grafter get's their money almost as soon as you authorise it. So no need for them to ask for cash!

Once a job has been agreed between an employer and grafter, the platform can be used to make single or multiple payments for the job. This article contains the information you may need to use the payment system.

Payment Methods

You can pay using any major credit or debit card - just enter your payment card details as part of the 'Offer' process (when you book the grafter) and your details will be securely stored for future transactions.

Authorising a Payment

When a job is completed the employer should go to the Grafter service to authorise a payment. At this point they authorise the time worked, but cannot change the rate that has already been agreed with the Agreement.

The Platform will prompt the client if they haven't authorised the payment after 24 hours. The easiest way to check whether you have made a payment is to check your bank account if you are not sure.

Multiple Payments - e.g. Weekly

If you want to pay people for ongoing work, you can simply pay them when you like (e.g. end of the week). Then click 'Next Phase' to book another phase of work with them. You pay again and repeat the process at the end of each phase.


The transaction is all online and there is no requirement to tip - if the grafter did a good job give them five stars and get them back to do another job.

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