Avoid cash in hand and potential disagreement - pay easily and securely online and only after work has been completed. The grafter get's their money within a couple of hours and we have their bank details to track them if a problem!

Once a job has been agreed between an employer and grafter, the platform can be used to make single or multiple payments for the job. This article contains the information you may need to use the payment system.

**Please note - Payment Timings**

Once you authorises a payment it will go into the next payment run.

Payment runs are made at 10.30am and 3.30pm, only on banking days, with the money getting to the grafter within 2.5 hours (e.g. 1pm or 7pm).

If you wish the money to get to the grafter the same day please ensure you make the payment before 3.30pm. Otherwise it will go into the next banking day's payment run.

For example - a payment after 3.30pm on Friday afternoon will not get to the grafter before Monday 1pm.

Secure Specialist Payment Provider

Grafter works with a specialist payment partner to provides the ideal payment solution for paying freelance, temporary, part-time, seasonal and contingent staff.

Our specialist payment provider is regulated by the FSA and uses secure encryption to ensure all your payment and related personal details are stored securely.

When to make payments

As a client you need to set-up a payment card when you offer a grafter a job for the first time. This confirms you are prepared and ready to pay for the work before it goes ahead. No money will be taken at this point. Only you will be able to authorise a payment, after work has been completed, and when you enter the time that was worked.

As part of the work agreement, the platform provides a payment schedule which helps to set-out when the worker will be paid. This is based on a weekly payment on Friday and a final payment at the end of the job. For shorter jobs it will just be the end of the job, with a single payment.

The Platform will prompt you if you haven't authorised the payment after 24 hours. The easiest way to check whether you have made a payment is to check your bank account if you are not sure.

Authorising a Payment

You will receive a payment reminder when you are due to make a payment, but please check the app on Fridays when this will usually be. To make a payment

  1. Return to the job in 'My Jobs', find the relevant job and worker.
  2. Click the 'Pay' button for the worker that needs to be paid
  3. Enter the number of days and hours the grafter has worked in the previous period. Note - you cannot pay for fractions of hours or less than 4 hours.
  4. The payment (based on the rate agreed and time entered) is paid to the grafter within a few hours

Platform Fee

Separately you will be charged a small platform fee of 10% + vat payable to GrafterNow for use of the platform. This covers all fees including the hiring fees, the payment transaction and all other costs. For more information see our Platform Fees section.

Payment Methods

You can pay using any major credit or debit card - just enter your payment card details as part of the 'Offer' process (when you book the grafter) and your details will be securely stored for future transactions.


The transaction is all online and there is no requirement to tip - if the grafter did a good job give them five stars and get them back to do another job.

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