Grafter is the only service in the UK to provide a cost-effective online service for businesses to find hire and pay temporary staff and workers, across all industries.

Using Grafter allows businesses to cut out expensive 'middle-man' agencies by providing a range of online services to help businesses to find, manage and pay temporary staff. Grafter charges a small platform fee rather than high intermediary commission.

Instead of applying for jobs via numerous job boards, grafters submit a profile within the platform and are notified directly of all jobs that come up within their catchment area that in their chosen industry sectors. Grafters then need to confirm whether they are available for a project and if so their profile is shared with potential employers

The service can be managed online from finding an available grafter in your area through to simple cashless payment and review. It enables business to manage its short term resourcing needs simply, quickly and with less cost than traditional means of finding an available, reliable workforce

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