Grafter is a digital solution for engaging a flexible workforce. As a simple online service it brings together businesses who have manual, casual or short-term work requirements with locally available 'grafters' who can do the work

As a convenient online service, Grafter provides a database of hard working people available now, connecting business with labour when and where it’s needed

Grafters are all sorts of folk from across the country who are available to help with work that needs doing. They come from various backgrounds including full time labourers, freelancers, shift workers, students, holiday workers, retirees and any others who want to earn some extra money

Grafter provides a range of services to support the process, from finding and hiring grafters, agreeing terms to a secure cashless payment system on completion of the work. For additional reassurance, our review and ratings system provides feedback on both employers and grafters

The service minimises risk for both employers and grafters by providing:

  1. A review system providing feedback on both employers and grafters for quality assurance
  2. Easy to use cashless payments system avoiding inconvenient and awkward cash transactions. Payments are made from the employers credit card directly into the grafters bank account, including validation of cards before the work starts
  3. ID verification of grafters when setting up their bank account
  4. A standard online work agreement setting out key terms of the engagement up-front to help avoid disagreement down the line
  5. Instant access to grafters via our simple messaging service until the job is closed ensuring details about the job are not lost and can be referenced in the future.
  6. No middle man

All grafters are independent contractors, employers hire them directly to do the work. The Grafter Platform is a facilitator, simply provides functionality to make the engagement process easy.

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